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Software Development

Software development is an impartial procedure conducted to develop an individual software by mean of using a specific and defined programming language in order to write a series of correlated programming code to bring about a developed software. Ashtech IT experts’ aims to develop a computer coded or programmed software in order to address distinct business needs, specified objectives and business-oriented strategies and procedures.

Software development is an iterative logical process and is largely a well-planned initiative that comprises of several steps or stages that leads to the creation of operational software. As a specialized IT firm, we comprehend the precise technical requirements of developing a software that contains well-organized, efficient and resourceful processes and techniques referred to as the software development life cycle (SDLC). This includes;

  • Initial research
  • Data flow design
  • Process flow design (Iterative and Incremental Approach)
  • Flow charts
  • Technical documentation
  • Software testing
  • Debugging
  • Standard modeling languages (UML, ADL, IEEE 1471, Agile Modeling, 4 + 1 Model)
  • Frameworks such as MDA, SAAM, ATAM, ADR, ARID, CBAM, ALMA, FAAM etc
  • Enterprise Unified Process (EUP)

Whereas, Ashtech ensures to practice software engineering processes that are composed of numerous systematic activities, notably the following;

  • Requirements analysis (Extracting and recognizing complete, detailed and unfailing requirements of a desired software product)
  • Specification (Defined written software for fine tune applications and stable external interfaces)
  • Software architecture (Abstract yet systematic presentation of the software specified)
  • Implementation (Coding the approved design)
  • Testing (Unifying each part of the software)
  • Documentation (Future maintenance and improvement)
  • Maintenance (Enhancing software, discovering glitches/ issues, fixing bugs & troubleshooting etc)