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We take pride to integrate with Atlassian Services that offers a complete state-of-the-art techniques in order to keep our clients IT system and organizational structure running smoothly.

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PMO Services

Our professional PMO services ensures that our client’s IT programs and projects meet their specific goals and requirements. Our expert project managers hold relevant expertise to develop and implement PMO processes and policies, leads the project management staff and integrates with other departments in order to explain, prioritize, implement and execute all projects and programs. Hence, our services are designed to ascertain that our project initiatives for the clients are delivered with optimized productivity.

The projects developed not only provide uncompromising quality but are induced with flexible methodologies that offer reliable program establishment. This has been made possible with our PMO teams’ determination to provide flexible support across various time zones. We value our clients, therefore, we ensure to be completely engaged with the project even after its successful delivery, through maintenance engagements.

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ITSM Services

IT Service Management (ITSM) is the ability and skill to certain that a feasible integration takes place between several people, processes, and technology to deliver high value productivity. Therefore, with an extensive experience in delivering ITSM services, Ashtech has been imparted with the expertise of providing a broad range of ITSM execution and consultation services to businesses, regardless of their size or field.

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Consulting & Outsourcing

For companies seeking outsourcing, partnering with the right outsourcing consulting firm, nowadays, can help to ensure that they yield the desired benefits. Whereas, outsourcing is considered to improve productivity, efficiency and cost for the clients, it can also be challenging and bring drawbacks to the business. With AshTech professional IT consulting and outsourcing services, our clients can enjoy the benefits of a hassle-free professional environment.

Our advanced and exclusive services set us apart from conventional sourcing consultants. As our clients reliable Managed Service Providers, we provide a team of certified experts who are specialized to manage and administer any area of technology. Ashtech utilizes a strategic procedure approach to counsel for organizational activities and IT administration in order to create a harmony among different departments in the organization.

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End-User Support

The recent changes to deliver IT services has resulted in major developments in the service delivery and business impacts due to the implementation of people-oriented approach. At Ashtech, our motive is to assist organizations achieve their business objectives. We specialize in End-user support services and thus, offer technical support to organizations operating in the most demanding industrial sectors. We recognize the distinct needs of every business as well as their users, therefore our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of the companies and their customers. To accomplish this, we make sure to categorize our services according to the needs of our clients, which are as follows:

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Network & Cabling Experts

Ashtech services are not limited to providing internal IT services only and hence, extend its services to offer complete communications solutions that are tailored to meet customers’ distinct requirements and specifications. Our aim is to provide our clients with the complete ease of seeking all internal and external IT services under one roof. Therefore, we provide a complete solution that will eliminate the glitches encountered in the areas surrounding Data, Electrical, and Telephonic.

We provide a broad range of products and services that includes supply, installation, and maintenance of telephony solutions, data cabling encompassing wireless networks, high bandwidth laser as well as power services. No matter how specific your service requirements are, our expert team at Ashtech will provide services throughout the installation process.

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With vast experience in the IT industry, Ashtech ensures to design, develop, and deliver the best solutions to our clients. Along with the following, we now offer reliable and efficient IT training to our clients. No matter what product or service you are seeking or perhaps you may require project support, our expert team provides personalized training to small, medium and corporate businesses. Thus, specialized training will refine the technical skills of the trainee and will bring ease for the management, establishing harmony with the revolutionized IT system.

Nevertheless, we train, we design, we develop and we deliver. We incorporate the best and state-of-the-art processes and methodologies to deliver effective training to our customers. We offer training programs that makes us a preferred training services partner for our customers.

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Software Development

Software development is an impartial procedure conducted to develop an individual software by mean of using a specific and defined programming language in order to write a series of correlated programming code to bring about a developed software. Ashtech IT experts’ aims to develop a computer coded or programmed software in order to address distinct business needs, specified objectives and business-oriented strategies and procedures.

Software development is an iterative logical process and is largely a well-planned initiative that comprises of several steps or stages that leads to the creation of operational software. As a specialized IT firm, we comprehend the precise technical requirements of developing a software that contains well-organized, efficient and resourceful processes and techniques referred to as the software development life cycle (SDLC). This includes;

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Assets & Equipment Management

Sourcing, procuring and managing the IT hardware, software and networks is must-have activity yet a challenging for the company. With a cluster of vendors available in the market, Ashtech takes a step forward and provides a professional hands-on technical approach to the complex yet significant IT asset management (ITAM) process. We determine the practical needs of the client, ensuring that each of the needs our paid keen and detailed attention in order to manage and simplify all aspects of managing their IT assets.

We understand that IT assets are expensive to acquire, operate and maintain, leaving them quickly depreciated if not taken care of. Thus, we ensure to apply an effective and efficient set of skills and strategies to optimize their value as well as operations. Nevertheless, partnering with a trusted and recognized IT asset management services provider, Ashtech, you will be served and provided beyond your expectations.

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